Nohea Café

Nohea Café

1312 W. Madison 



Breakfast  (Mon.-Fri. 7:30-11)
(Add Bacon, Ham or Turkey for a Buck)
Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich                                                          7.5

Scrambled Eggs, Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato & Basil Mayo on Pugliese

Breakfast Croissant                                                                   6.75
Scrambled Eggs & Cheddar on a Freshly Baked Croissant

Buenos Dias Scramble (2 tacos)                                                        6.75
Scrambled Eggs, Pico, Avocado & Chihuahua Cheese on Flour or Corn Tortillas

Breakfast Panini                                                                     6.95
Scrambled Eggs, Bacon & American

Breakfast Burrito                                                                    6.95
Scrambled Eggs, Avocado, Corn, Beans, Fresh Spinach, Salsa & Chihuahua Cheese

Morning Glory Muffin                                                                4.75
Fried Egg & American Cheese on an English Muffin

(featuring Boar’s Head Brand Meat)

Chicken Caprese                                                                      8.75
Chicken Breast, Fresh Mozzarella, Tomato, Mixed Greens, Balsamic Vinaigrette

& Basil Mayo on Foccacia

Chicken Salad                                                                        8.75
Roasted Chicken Breast Mixed w/ Basil Mayo, Topped w/ Cucumber, Tomato
& Mixed Greens on Pugliese

Smokin’ Turkey                                                                       8.75
Mesquite Turkey, Pancetta, Avocado, Pepper Jack, Tomato, Mixed Greens
& Chipotle Mayo on Pugliese

Tuna Tostada                                                                         8.75
Chipotle Tuna Salad on a Tostada w/ Avocado, Pico, Cucumber & Romaine

Sweet Baby Jake                                                                    8.75
Tuna Salad, Honey Mustard, Pickles, Onion, Mixed Greens & Tomato on a Pretzel Bun

The Stan                                                                            8.75
Ovengold Turkey, Avocado, Pickles, Onion, Tomato, Mixed Greens, Muenster Cheese,

Mayo & Yellow Mustard on a Pretzel Roll

Twisted Ham                                                                         8.75
Deluxe Ham, Avocado, Swiss, Honey Mustard, Tomato & Mixed Greens on a Pretzel Roll

Italian Stallion                                                                       8.75
Ham, Hard Salami, Giardiniera, Basil Mayo, Lettuce, Tomato & Provolone on Pugliese

The Mike & Mike                                                                    8.75
Roast Beef, Herb Cream Cheese, Arugula, Onion, Tomato & Cucumber on Ciabatta

Sassy Roast Beef                                                                    9.75
Roast Beef, Fresh Spinach, Onions, Provolone, Tomato & Horseradish Sauce on a Pretzel Bun

California Turkey                                                                    8.75
Turkey, Avocado, Swiss, Cucumber, Onion, Tomato, Mixed Greens, Mayo & Mustard

on Wheat

The Spicy Ralph                                                                     8.75
Salsalito Turkey, Guacamole, Black Beans, Sweet Corn, Pepper Jack, Tomato, Mixed Greens

& Chipotle Mayo on Pugliese

Nohea BLT                                                                          8.75
Crisp Bacon, Mixed Greens, Tomato & Basil Mayo on Pugliese

Charlie Tuna                                                                         8.75
Tuna Salad, Mixed Greens, Tomato & Cheddar on Wheat

Choose Any Two:                                                                     8.75
Half Sandwich, Cup of Soup / Chili or Side Salad

Buffalo Chicken                                                                     8.95
Buffalo Chicken, Ranch Celery & Carrots, Buffalo Sauce, Blue Cheese & Romaine

South of the Border                                                                 8.95
Salsalito Turkey, Romaine, Cucumber, Corn, Beans, Pepper Jack, Salsa, Avocado,

Crushed Tortilla Chips & Chipotle Mayo

Chicken Caesar Wrap                                                                8.95
Chicken Breast, Romaine, Croutons, Parmesan & Caesar

BLT Club                                                                          8.95
Turkey, Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, Avocado, Swiss & Chipotle Mayo

Chicken Sesame                                                                    8.95

Chicken, Ginger Sesame Dressing, Crisp Chow Mein Noodles, Cucumbers,

Mandarins, Avocado, Onion & Mixed Greens


The Rickey                                                                         8.75
Smoked Turkey, Bacon, Tomato, Arugula, Smoked Gouda & Avocado Aioli

Tommy Cubana                                                                      9
Ham, Roasted Pork, Pickles, Pepper Jack, Chipotle Mustard & a Roasted Jalapeno

Italian Hero                                                                        8.75
Salami, Ham, Turkey, Peperoncini, Tomato, Arugula, Italian Dressing & Provolone

Chicken Pesto Panini                                                                 8.75
Sliced Chicken Breast, Basil Pesto, Tomato, Spinach, Fresh Basil & Fresh Mozzarella

Caprese Panini                                                                      8.75
Fresh Mozzarella, Pesto, Spinach, Tomato & Balsamic

Corned Beef Panini                                                                 8.75
Corned Beef on Rye w/ Dijon Coleslaw, Melted Swiss & Pickles

Grown -Up Grilled Cheese                                                            8
Smoked Gouda, Muenster, Goat Cheese & Marinara (add meat for 1.50)


Mediterranean Veggie                                                              8.75
Feisty Feta, Hummus, Cucumber, Tomato, Mixed Greens & Grilled Veggies on Wheat

or as a Wrap

Caprese Focaccia                                                              8.75
Fresh Mozzarella, Tomato, Avocado, Basil Mayo & Balsamic Vinaigrette

on Tomato Focaccia

Spanish Verde                                                                      8.75
Guacamole, Beans, Corn, Cucumber, Pico, Crumbled Tortilla Chips, Pepper Jack,

Tomato, Mixed Greens & Chipotle Mayo on a Pretzel Roll

(add Chicken or Turkey for 1.50)

Mixed Greens                                                                       8
Dried Cranberries, Red Onion, Walnuts & Crumbled Blue Cheese w/ Balsamic Vinaigrette

Classic Caesar                                                                       8
Romaine, Croutons, & Shredded Parmesan Cheese w/ Caesar Dressing

Southwestern                                                                         8.75
Mixed Greens, Cucumber, Avocado, Beans, Corn, Pepper Jack, Pico, Tortilla Chips &

Salsalito Turkey w/ Chipotle Dressing

Chopped Cobb Salad                                                                  8.75
Romaine, Turkey, Ham, Bacon, Hardboiled Egg, Avocado, Tomato, Swiss &

Blue Cheese w/ Ranch Dressing

Grape, Avocado & Arugula Salad                                                     8.95
Arugula, Grapes, Avocado, Goat Cheese, Walnuts & Red Onion w/ Champagne

Tuna Bowl                                                                          8.75
Tuna Salad, Romaine Cucumber, Jalapeños, Hardboiled Egg, Tomato &

Red Onion w/ Doritos

Greek Bowl                                                                         8.75
Romaine, Hummus, Olives, Cucumber, Tomato, Red Onion, Feta, Chicken Breast
& Pita Chips

*Let Us Cater Your Next Special Event !!! 

Nohea Kid’s Corner
(Served w/ a Side of Seasonal Fruit & Cheddar Goldfish)

PB & J w/ Fresh Banana Slices                                                     4.25

Ham or Turkey & American Cheese on a Pretzel Roll                                 5.25

Grilled Cheese                                                                       4.25

Desserts / Pastries

• Brownies & Blondies                         

• Big Cookies (assorted)                                   

• Black & White Cookies                                

• Cupcakes • Croissants • Donuts

• Muffins & Scones

• Specialty Pastries Available (24 hr. notice)


                    “Taste and see that the Lord is good.” Psalm 34:8

     Nohea Café   1312 W. Madison St.   Chicago, IL 60607   P: 773-935-7448   F: 773-935-9038